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a theatrical concept album

words & music by

SONGS OF OTHER SELVES is a sonic journey through the playful and kaleidoscopic world of Angela Sclafani’s inner child and past personas.


This record, her first full-length release, represents a bold step forward in the development of her sound and aesthetics as a singer-songwriter.


The new concept album features a collection of songs about growing up, healing trauma, and getting to know the different parts of who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming.


Angela’s genre-defying music blends folk, Americana, and indie pop, with a strong emphasis on her uniquely gifted vocals and harmonies.


SONGS OF OTHER SELVES is an offering, an excavation, and a personal reckoning.


So put the record on, listen through, and join Angela as she unearths the songs of her many selves to uncover a singular and electrifying voice.

photo by jules miranda
cover art by lisa yednorowicz
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